Know our history.

Enjoy unique and unforgettable moments at Sublime Eco Hotel.

we are!

We are a family born from a history between the urban and the Kogui culture of the Sierra Nevada, with children born in those mountains and with experiences in them for more than 40 years.

Samila founded the Sublime Eco Hotel project, with the aim of sharing with its guests this particular history and natural way of life, also offering pleasant and comfortable spaces, built with organic shapes and elements, surrounding the visitor with a most natural environment. possible.

Likewise, in our kitchen we use fresh fruits from the sea and the land, resulting in a product that is both delicious to the palate and healthy.

All these spaces create sensations that resonate with our intimate spaces and the sensitivity of human beings, providing them with a state of peace and well-being.

Get to know the architecture of Sublime Eco Hotel

ECOHOTEL. There is a lot of talk these days about sustainable architecture, also called sustainable, green architecture or eco-architecture. But what really are the pillars to be able to affirm that a line of sustainable development is being followed? Below we list them so you can get to know them:

  • The analysis of the life cycle of the materials you use.
  • The development of the use of raw materials and energies
  • Reducing the quantities of materials and energy
    used in the extraction of natural resources, their
    exploitation and destruction or recycling of waste.
  • Management of solid and liquid waste produced in
    the place where the activity takes place.

Sublime Eco Hotel since its inception has been characterized by having a concept of sustainable architecture and acting in accordance with this concept.

Sustainability is normally accompanied by activities that support it.

At Sublime Eco Hotel we take care of the water sources, we promote the care and proliferation of the flora and fauna of the region through native tree planting, we use renewable materials for construction provided by the region; We take advantage of the resources of the environment for the operation of our systems, seeking that they do not have any negative impact on the environment.

We are now going to concentrate a little more on the materials that we use in our constructions and we will leave for another post what concerns the production of waste, which as such has 50% importance when evaluating the topic.

WOOD. They are collected woods that lie on the ground, mainly we find in this region the Heart of Guayacán Quebracho commonly known as Gusanero, fine wood from trees that have fallen 150-200 years ago and today its heart, its hardest and firmest part is available to us.

The collection has been done in the basins and micro basins and with this material the poles that support our buildings have been made; It also has other uses such as making furniture: tables, chairs, benches, armchairs; and decorative elements such as lamps and basins.

PALM. We use Bitter Palm (Sabal mauritiiformis) for the roofs of the cabins. This palm occurs wild in forests and ravines in almost all tropical countries and is native to Africa.

It is a 100% renewable material, once it is pruned it returns and grows more strongly its foliage.